About me

I am also a soul entrapped in this illusionary world just like all of you. I have studied Parasara Vedic Astrology and Palmistry in a professional way and doing consultations since 1995. Due to god’s grace I have 6 planets present in the natal chart of my 10th house and hence, I got a varied professional background in entirely different 6 sectors. 5 sectors out of my 6 basic interests require deep analysis which formed the basis for my analytical brain during my childhood and adolescence.

Out of my experience, I personally consider the correctness of any prediction depend on the analytical abilities of an astrologer rather than scriptural knowledge. Such abilities come with experience and blessings of Paramatma. Hence, I feel application of astrological knowledge with deep analysis by giving due consideration to Divisional charts, Nakshatra, Argala, different dasa charts & Transit must form the basis of any astrological prediction.

My process of predicting an event is as follows.

  1. First I look at Birth chart (D-1) and Navamsa (D-9) and will get a basic idea of the events.
  2. Then I look at the Moon chart to confirm the events.
  3. Then I look at Arudhas
  4. Then I look into the divisional chart based up on the client’s questions. Some times for three different questions analyzing through three different divisional charts is required.
  5. Then I look deep into the past life karma by having a look at the clients D-60 chart.
  6. Once I make up my mind then I start timing the event by looking at different Dasas, vargas, yogas, argalas and transits and I also give transit chart with different planetary positions for a minimum of 3 years in my report.
  7. If still I am not satisfied with the analysis I have done I might ask for Photographs of clients hands to look for the same result through palmistry too.

This entire process while documenting takes atleast 2-3 hours that’s why my minimum time for answering questions is 2-3 days. If more time is required I will notify the client but never give any predictions without doing the above procedure.

I don’t sell Rudrakshas, gem stones, Mantras, Yantras, talismans, vastu idols and other black magic materials. I exclusively offer in depth study into your horoscope and suggest remedial measures according to authenticated classic vedic astrological texts.

Astrology is of a great interest since my childhood. Hence I have a scholarly astrological learning and a very good experience over two decades. My clients are always assured of the unshakable client privileges and highest level of confidentiality.

Some astrologers consider that looking alone in natal chart and vimsottari dasa is enough to predict the events of an individual and among such group some intelligent persons derived some shortcuts for their predictions to make the things simpler. However, in expert’s opinion those shortcuts are more of mathematical in nature, killing the original analytical ability of an astrologer day by day in the present generation. Needless to say that in today’s generation busy astrologers see at least 40-50 charts in a day to make money and some of them had affiliates too for their predictions that will be branded as their predictions. In this context I want emphasize that I take at least 2-3 hours to make a single chart’s prediction using complete set of Vedic principles and I really wonder how these busy astrologers manage 40-50 charts in a day without compromising on quality.

In my opinion analytical ability in astrology can’t be possessed by the most powerful computers in the next 427000 years remain in this Kaliyuga. This is the main reason why our astrologers are becoming more of 2+2=4 in nature rather than any number + any number= Zero (In the sense of pure Vedic principles in this illusionary world). According to Parasara the ability to predict will be given in the 8th house of siddhamsa (D-24) chart of an individual.

In light of the above, I want to emphasize that my D-24 (Siddhamsa) chart shows the direct planetary and raasi aspect (duel sign) between Jupiter (from 2nd house: Virgo) and Venus who is posited in the 8th house (Pisces) which is an exalted sign aspected by the Sign lord Jupiter clearly states that I am destined to work and predict using astrology. This combination is one of the rarest and god’s blessings are there with me in this life. My ascendant is Scorpio that is known for deep analysis. If you want to check my birth details, here they are (DOB: 07.09.1979, TOB: 11:55AM, POB: Parlakimidi, Orissa state, India, Geo co-ordinates: 84E 06’, 18N 47’, Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT), Poorvabhadra Nakshatra).

I speak English, Hindi and Telugu languages. Well do you want to call me by name? You can call me “Prime Astrologer”.