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I offer pure vedic astrological personal consultation (one to one). I never use shortcuts to determine events and always follow authentic classic texts to predict the events. I have been doing it since 1995. Thousands of people have benefited by consulting me to shed light on their horoscopes over the years.

I don’t conceal anything and speak everything in plain language which makes sense to you. Apart from predicting the events I also discuss how I have arrived at such a conclusion before predicting any events by quoting classic principles of Astrology.

I speak English, Hindi and Telugu languages. My objective of reading a horoscope is always to strengthen my clients by predicting their good times and pitfalls with reference to the questions they make by analyzing at the highest astrological levels possible.

My process of predicting an event is as follows.

  1. First I look at Birth chart (D-1) and Navamsa (D-9) and will get a basic idea of the events.
  2. Then I look at the Moon chart to confirm the events.
  3. Then I look at Arudhas
  4. Then I look into the divisional chart based up on the client’s questions. Some times for three different questions analyzing through three different divisional charts is required.
  5. Then I look deep into the past life karma by having a look at the clients D-60 chart.
  6. Once I make up my mind then I start timing the event by looking at different Dasas, vargas, yogas, argalas and transits and I also give transit chart with different planetary positions for a minimum of 3 years in my report.
  7. If still I am not satisfied with the analysis I have done I might ask for Photographs of clients hands to look for the same result through palmistry too.

This entire process while documenting takes atleast 2-3 hours that’s why my minimum time for answering questions is 2-3 days. If more time is required I will notify the client but never give any predictions without doing the above procedure.

I don’t sell Rudrakshas, gem stones, Mantras, Yantras, talismans, vastu idols and other black magic materials. I exclusively offer in depth study into your horoscope and suggest remedial measures according to authenticated classic vedic astrological texts.

Astrology is of a great interest since my childhood. Hence I have a scholarly astrological learning and a very good experience over two decades. My clients are always assured of the unshakable client privileges and highest level of confidentiality.