Refund Policy

If you can demonstrate to us that the service i.e., PDF file containing your astrological reports and detailed analysis with explanation for the questions you have asked, you have purchased from www.primeastrology.com didn’t reach and if you wish to receive a refund, please take the following steps:

Please contact [email protected] with relevant information of non-receipt of service. Please give us time to assist you as much as possible (this may take a few days to look into in detail and analyze and assist with tricky technical stuff). First we will look into the issue and do everything we can to see if we can assist you (Prime Astrologer don’t want to lose you as a client!) if that fails then prime Astrologer will issue you a full refund, with apologies. Prime Astrologer asks for your patience and understanding in allowing www.primeastrologer.com the opportunity to resolve any issues you might have.

Browser Compatibility

www.primeastrology.com website supports all modern web browsers including (but not limited to) Firefox, Safari, Chrome (all on PC & Mac) & Internet Explorer. Whilst we strive to give a seamless & near-identical experience across each of these browsers, it is impossible to compensate for the lack of web standards support (relating to HTML & CSS) in some of these browsers. In the case of a browser does not support certain web standards, we will include a generic workaround for that browser, which will degrade a specific function / feature gradually and in a way that doesn’t affect the user experience negatively.

Payment for Service

We reserve the right to refuse service or revert back your money for any reason we deem appropriate with or without prior notification. In that case the amount of transfer charges will be debited from your payment and the remaining balance will be sent to you.
You may not resell, share, or publish subscription credentials or access, directly or indirectly. You may not use our product images, logos, brand or trademarks without express permission.