Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I predicting anonymously?

I wanted to create an awareness of pure vedic astrology among my clients and wanted to part with the principles on which I am predicting the events which no astrologer will do. I am well aware as to how much the astrologer’s community was spoilt in the search of money and how do bad astrologers compromise on the quality for taking quantity to earn more money. I am dumbstruck when I have seen astrologers attack themselves just for earning a client for extorting money.

I have seen merchants who sells gemstones, contacting astrologers for selling their stones to clients while offering handsome commission. I have seen astrologers after earning some fame starts recruiting other low quality astrologers for giving their predictions that are branded with the top astrologer’s name. Surprisingly many top astrologers of India are doing it. I have seen astrologers who extort money by offering to sell yantras, mantras, gem stones, rakshas, costly remedies etc and earning ancillary income apart from the consultation fee. Even if a genuine astrologer starts to work hard for predicting client’s future there are many bad elements in the society who are luring/ blackmailing/ unpopularizing the honest astrologers and not allowing to do his austere duties normally. I don’t want to be a target for them at all. I found only one solution to solve all the above problems. Doing it anonymously with 100% genuity by charging a low fee while ensuring the highest quality.

Why do I charge low fee compared with many other famous Astrologers?

Despite having an experience of more than 20 years I charge only Rs.516/- for one question and Rs.1116/- for 3 questions. I wanted to be available to all sects of people who have real problems of finding the solutions. I don’t sell Rudrakshas, gem stones, Mantras, Yantras, talismans, vastu idols and other black magic materials. I exclusively offer in depth study into your horoscope and suggest remedial measures according to authenticated classic vedic astrological texts.

I am well aware that the money I earn if not backed up by proper back ground work I accumulate bad karma then I will be hit by all the planets and I can’t risk of doing it. Hence, I kept my consultation fee low with an assurance of doing the honest and genuine work.

How much time and what is my method to predict events in individual charts?
  1. First I look at Birth chart (D-1) and Navamsa (D-9) and will get a basic snap shot of the events in life.
  2. Then I look at the Moon chart to match the events that I looked through step-1.
  3. Then I look at the Arudha Padhas for knowing the events in the present physical plane.
  4. Then I look into the divisional charts based up on the client’s questions to draw final conclusion and confirm the same with D-1 too again. Some times for three different questions analyzing through three different divisional charts is required.
  5. Then I look deep into the past life karma by having a look at the clients D-60 chart.
  6. Once I make up my mind then I start timing the events by looking at different Dasas, vargas, yogas, argalas, Planetary avasthas and transits etc.
  7. I also give transit chart with different planetary positions for a minimum of 3 years in my report.
  8. If still, I have any doubts with the conclusions I drew I might ask for the Photographs of clients’ hands to look for the same result through palmistry also.
  9. This entire process while documenting takes at least 2-3 hours that’s why my minimum time for answering questions is 2-3 days. If more time is required I will notify the client but never give any predictions without doing the above procedure.
Do I give phone/ Skype/ Hangouts consultation?

Yes, But, google hangouts consultation seems to be best regarding to voice clarity and even I can show the relationships by sharing desktop and record the screen/voice according to client’s preference. My google hangouts Id is [email protected] that may please be added by the client to his/her Gmail before consultation.

What is better Astrology, Palmistry or Numerology?

All these subjects depend on planets at a micro level. Hence if you could find some good experts in these different subjects all their readings must be the same.

Who is a Brahmin?

The person who has Brahma gnana (wisdom) is a Brahmin. Brahmanism does not come by birth but it should be acquired by learning, practice and imparting the Vedic wisdom among masses.

Whether Astrology is a treasure of Brahmins?

No. Brahmin means those who has Brahma gnana (wisdom). King Dharmaraj in Mahabharata coined that even if a Sudra has that gnana then he can be considered as a Brahman. According to Sage Parasara, anybody who has the basic qualities of 1. Peaceful disposition 2. Honouring elders 3. God fearing can learn, culture and practice astrology.

If astrology is 100% right, then why don't everybody use to benefit from it?

People have their individual choices about doing karma and liberation of soul from birth and death cycle hence it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

Can one become an Astrologer by reading a book?

No. To become a good astrologer reading of classics is essential but in D-24 chart, 8th house also should be posited or aspected by benefics like Jupiter and Venus. Having a good Guru and experience are also the keys for becoming a good astrologer.

How should an Astrologer reveal his predictions if he comes to know about some bad incident in the client's future?

Astrologer should be gentle in informing and should not scare the client but should suggest remedial measures. If client’s past karma is good he will escape or he has to follow what was written in his karma.

How should an astrologer reveal his predictions if he comes to know about some good incident in the client's future?

Astrologer should be happy to inform those events but at the same time caution the client about the required human efforts to make the things happen.

Whether predictions of Astrology apply to all the Religions and Regions?

Yes, Astrology is a wisdom that is unique to all the Religions and Regions.

What would you get by consulting a good Astrologer?

Attached detachment and a clear guide to live life peacefully.

How much time a good Astrologer requires to make a single prediction in vedic Astrology?

It depends on a strength of the astrologer. However, typically to calculate and see all the aspects, balas, vargas, transits, argalas, Nakshatras, Divisional charts, different dasas, Argalas, Planetary avasthas, remedies with reference to classics and analyze problems at karmic level clearly and to document the same, it takes about 2-3 hours for a good astrologer.

If it is so how come Astrologers give phone consultations and instantaneous predictions to 100's of their clients every day?

They see superficially or simply fake.

What is the significance of weekly predictions and yearly predictions according to signs? How they are relevant to individuals?

Weekly predictions just tell you what will happen to a native in a more generalized way rather than a comprehensive way based primarily on moon’s movement in the zodiac. Those predictions may or may not apply to an individual hence, assertive conclusion can’t be arrived at. Analyzing an individual horoscope is the best one for greater analytical depth and personification.

What if I don’t know my birthday and birth time?

There is a process called birth time rectification to be adopted by informing the astrologer about the known major events in life like completion of education, getting job, marriage, child birth, health problems, accidents, loss of blood relatives etc. Most of the classics had mentions on how to do it however, only expert astrologers should perform this job. The charge for this process is also high when compared with regular consultation. Client has to supply all the important events to help the astrologer for arriving at DOB and TOB.

How famous Astrologers are maintaining millions of clientele with limited time on their hand?

They will have affiliates/ students who look at the client’s charts and predictions will be branded as the main astrologer’s predictions.

Why comparison between two Astrologers’ predictions are not a like?

Predictions of Astrologers who have studied the classics and experienced are always a like irrespective of the discipline. There may be minor differences due to individual abilities of analysis.

What are the types of astrological systems and which system is most reliable for predictions?

Vedic Astrology is divided into 3 Skandas (Branches):
Siddhanta or Ganita Skanda: Calculation in astrology (Mathematics).
Samhita Skanda (Mundane astrology): Predictions about countries such as wars, earth quakes, politics, weather, financials, electional astrology, Vaastu, animals, Natural calamities etc.

Hora Skanda: Interpretation of horoscopes.
Different Sages/Scholars used different methods for interpretation of horoscopes. Some of the popular methods are as follows:
A. Parasara Astrology (The Bhagadgeetha of astrology “Bruhat Parasara Hora Sastra” by Sage Parasara was written on this method of astrology)
B. Jaimini Astrology
C. Tajika Astrology
D. Nadi Astrology
E. Muhurtha Astrology
F. Prashna Astrology
G. Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP System)

What is the significance of Gem stones in Astrology?

The significance of gemstones to human life is clearly mentioned in “Brihat Samhita” by Varahamihira. He coined that “A jewel endowed with good characteristics ensures good luck to kings and one with bad ones a “disaster”. Further he also mentioned about the qualitative aspects of different gems.

Can we expect to predict anything under the sky? What are the limitations of an Astrologer?

An astrologer, tries to predict incidents using the wisdom given by sages from ancient scriptures. While doing so, his brain will be articulating different factors from different charts of a client. In this process many factors are involved such as calculation, combinations, logic and intuition. Hence, more experienced a learned astrologer, more correct predictions could be found. However, a client should always remember that no astrologer is 100% correct or 100% wrong.

Can we plan our future with the help of Astrology?

Planning the future is the sole purpose of meeting an Astrologer. The basic quality of good astrologer is to guide the client throughout the passage of birth and death cycle.

Can we predict our longevity?

The greatest book on Astrology Bruhat Parasara Horasastra explained 3 methods such as
Ańśayu, Pindayu, or Nisargayu to predict longevity. However, Sage Parasara professed that
knowing the exact longevity is difficult even for gods.

What is the best question to be asked to an Astrologer?

People will ask astrologers many questions starting from birth to death however, the best question must be to realize thy self “What should I do to burn away my karma? A good astrologer will feel extremely delighted to answer this question.