Why Astrology?


According to scriptures future can be known only by God. However, some divine disciples like Parasara, Gowthama, Jaimini and some other Rushis written scriptures like Bruhat Parasara Hora Sastra, Gowthama Samhita, Jaimini Sutra and other scriptures on astrology for the benefit of mankind. These scriptures are the only way to know our future and they are the time tested wisdom.

We are watching this illusionary world as a three-dimensional picture. Only astrology has the 4th-dimensional perspective through which we can jump into the future and know what happens with time.

Knowing the future has several benefits like

  1. You can know about your real self.
  2. You can choose your career path
  3. You can prepare yourself well for future good or bad
  4. You can choose the right partner and make your love life happy
  5. You can know about your real strengths and weaknesses
  6. You can take some important decisions before your longevity ends
  7. Knowing your future health hazards, you may take precautionary measures to reduce their intensity
  8. You can actually set the stage for improving your good karma and attain Moksha (Transdental state attained as a result of release from the cycle of Birth and death)
  9. You may plan your work-life balance in a more harmonious way
  10. Your spiritual journey will be smoother because you can set clear targets for achieving step by step until what you are destined to achieve in this life through the progressive times.
  11. You can guide your children to do better deeds through time and help them develop as good individuals