Why should one choose an auspicious time (Muhurtha) for starting any good events in life?


Whenever we are doing a business it is good to start with a high bank balance. Similarly, when you start any important events in life it is good to have good planetary vision over your work area. There is no guaranteed success even if you start a business with high bank balance or if you start a good event with good muhurtha if your efforts are not par. But a good start is always desirable.

Sri. BV Raman in one of his classic writings coined the following words are most appropriate regarding Muhurtha.

“Horoscopy reads what is indicated by the planetary positions at the time of birth being the resultant of one’s previous karma. In other words, it has to do only with what one has brought with him the sum-total of one’s inheritance – physical, mental and material. Here we do nothing more than read simply a technical letter as if it were written in planetary and other symbols. Muhurtha, on the other hand, is much more important. It gives valuable directions by following which the person will be enabled to remove, neutralize, counteract or overcome the evils indicated by the horoscopic chart. Horoscopy is diagnostic. It merely points out the ills but prescribes no remedies. Muhurtha is prescriptive as well as preventive. It tells how by undertaking ventures at auspicious times one can ward off the evils and ensure success. Suppose break in education is indicated by the position of evil planets in the fourth house from the Ascendant and by the affliction of Jupiter, lord of education and Mercury, lord of intelligence. These planetary conjunctions indicate want of education in a man as a result of his karma in previous states of existence. Muhurtha says that the obstructions to educational progress by the planetary conjunctions indicated at the time of birth can be minimized by fixing an auspicious time* for commencing the education. Suppose evil planets in the fifth house indicate loss of children. Then Muhurtha comes to his help first by asking him to marry at a certain auspicious time when ethereal currents released from the planets will be so powerful as to minimize or modify the afflictions to the extent that the birth and survival of at least some children may be ensured. Thus Muhurtha helps one to minimize or modify the evils of our past Karma to a considerable extent. One should not imagine that Muhurtha is the master key to all wealth and happiness. Muhurtha tells us when to do a certain thing if failure is to be avoided”.