1. What is Birth Time Rectification (BTR)?
Answer: Birth Time Rectification is a process to derive the correct time of Birth of a person who doesn’t know it. The entire process is based on the time of life events provided by an Individual.
2. What are the details a client has to provide me for doing Birth Time Rectification?
Answer: One person asked me the same question in a different form in Quora. The link to the question is here …
The client has to provide some of the timings of major events of life with known Year, Month, and time (If possible and known) such as:
  • Marriage
  • Childbirth
  • Getting a Job
  • Promotions in jobs
  • Any major education accomplishments
  • About parents Nature
  • Occurrence of Deceases
  • Accidents
  • Love failure
  • Divorce
  • Family members’ death
  • Winning Lotteries
  • Financial doldrums
  • Getting power and authority
  • Winning any sports events
  • Meeting the wife for the first time
  • First sexual experience
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Getting good contacts who influenced life
  • Father’s lineage
  • Mother’s lineage
  • Frequently coming dreams
  • Nature of the client and his/her mindset
  • Physical body stature. Probable year and month of birth
  • Day time/ Night time birth and any other important events, etc.
The client may give the best-known events possible with possible known Year/Month/Time.
3. Is it true that even a one-minute difference in Birth time can alter the predictions considerably?
Answer: Yes, Vedic Divisional charts show the difference considerably.
4. What is the need for doing Birth Time Rectification?
Answer: As Astrology is called the “Eyes” of Vedas, without knowing the Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth we can’t enter into the world of knowing our future. Hence, with BTR once we know the exact time and date we can know our future very well. That will help in planning many life events.
5. What are the uses of Birth Time Rectification?
Answer: Imagine a person marry a Boy/ Girl without knowing the horoscope of a person. We will be in completely dark as we don’t know anything about the person whom we are getting married.
Imagine there was a probable accident in the near future we can foresee and follow the remedial measures that are prescribed to reduce the effect.
Knowing the exact good branch of education, Knowing the prospects of purchasing a property, Childbirth, Legal problems, knowing about the personality of an Individual. The list is big. BTR will be used as a good guide to everyone who doesn’t know their Date of Birth and Time of Birth.
6. How a Birth Time Rectification is being performed by a Vedic Astrologer?
Answer: The best method of Birth Time Rectification is the incident based matching of the horoscope. Into this method, an astrologer will examine the 16 Varga chakras as professed by the Sage Parasara in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra and the time periods during which the ascendant of these Vargas is changing and thereby rectifying each chart one by one to arrive at the correct time of birth finally.
7. Which method of Birth Time Rectification is more accurate?
Answer: Out of 24 branches of Astrology, the Sage Parasara Vedic Astrology method of Birth Time Rectification is the best as it gives so many divisional charts to examine for deep insight into the events of an individual.
8. Can you show an example of the Birth Time Rectification process?
Answer: Yes, sure. I have rectified 100s charts in my life to arrive at the correct time of birth in my 20+ years of life as an Astrologer. But as the client details are confidential I have taken permission from my clients to publish on my website by securing their anonymity. Please watch the links below:
Link-1: https://primeastrology.com/birth-time-rectification/
Link-2: https://primeastrology.com/birth-time-rectification-using-conditional-dasas/
9. What is the fee do I charge for Birth Time Rectification and how much time is required for it?
Answer: My charge is Rs.10000 INR (Approximately $137 USD) for doing Birth Time Rectification in 10-15 days. If more time is required (sometimes another 5 days) I will notify the client but mostly I will complete in time. I assure one that I will carefully examine all the details and match everything with the rectified chart and all the divisional charts and provide a report of the same.
10. Why Birth Time Rectification is costlier than other services on your website?
Answer: Birth Time Rectification is a complicated process in Vedic Astrology hence, it takes 15–20 hours. Even if time is vaguely known (like day time or night time birth), it will reduce the workload of an astrologer considerably. As higher divisional charts will change even within seconds it is important to do birth time rectification correctly for the best possible predictions.


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