Birth Time Rectification


Here I am providing a model Birth time rectification method of a client that was performed by me. I am publishing the details after obtaining permission from my client. The name and place of birth were not published as per the request of my client.

                                                                                 Date of consultation: 02.02.2020
                                                                      Range of rectification: + or – 10minutes

  • Name: KVS
    DOB: 31.05.1979
  • TOB: 17:25 (5:25PM)
  • POB: xxxx

Facts told by him:

  1. The native was born through Cesarean operation (confirmed through Mars placement in 6th house)
  2. For 3-4 years’ native was fed with breast milk of grandmother (From Leo 4th house is Scorpio and the lord is in his own house, From Moon fourth house lord is venus he conjoins the lord of 1st house hence confirmed)
  3. She used to look at him like a mother (Venus and Mars both in the same Bharani Nakshatra. Saturn is in poorvaphalguni. Mercury is in Rohini. Hence confirmed)
  4. Native like his grandmother more than his own mother (Point no.3 confirms the same)
  5. He was grown up by both mother and grandmother (-DO-)
  6. At 5 years of age he started his education in Telugu medium (during 1984 and 1985 during mercury MD either Moon AD or Mars AD it might have started. As both Jupiter’s association with the moon and its aspect on Lagna might have triggered the incident. Hence confirmed)
  7. Up to 13 years the native was in his native place only but during his 9th class, he was admitted into residential school when he left his native place.
  •  Vimsottari Dasa:
  •  Merc MD: 1976-02-22 (3:37:05) – 1993-02-21 (12:11:18)
  •   Antardasas in this MD:
  •   Merc: 1976-02-22 (3:37:05) – 1978-07-22 (20:20:04)
  •   Ket: 1978-07-22 (20:20:04) – 1979-07-19 (23:01:23)
  •   Ven: 1979-07-19 (23:01:23) – 1982-05-17 (22:53:00)
  •   Sun: 1982-05-17 (22:53:00) – 1983-03-23 (22:31:58)
  •   Moon: 1983-03-23 (22:31:58) – 1984-08-25 (19:17:21)
  •   Mars: 1984-08-25 (19:17:21) – 1985-08-22 (22:36:00)
  •   Rah: 1985-08-22 (22:36:00) – 1988-03-08 (4:04:01)
  •   Jup: 1988-03-08 (4:04:01) – 1990-06-15 (4:01:26)
  •   Sat: 1990-06-15 (4:01:26) – 1993-02-21 (12:11:18) Hence confirmed.

(Transit chart)

During Saturn Antardasa as Saturn is conjoined with Rahu you may be separated from your home town. It can happen (Hence confirmed)

8. He didn’t study hard even though he feels like he is intelligent

Mercury’s strength and Sun and Mars strength are more which is actually suitable to the native. Hence confirmed.

9. During Inter he studied Biology

Birth Jupiter was on Mars Decanate. Transit Jupiter was in Saturn’s decanate @01.07.1993 in an enemy sign. Mars and Venus combination suggests Biology. No surprise. Hence confirmed.

10. Then he did LLB but discontinued in between and on 14.08.2001 he was elected as a Village Sarpanch

When Mars is in Lagna, Moon is in exaltation, Moon is also in Sun’s star Rohini, Sun is in Moon’s house Cancer. Lord of education Jupiter along with Venus in the eighth house of the native when Rahu is spoiling the cause of education the native was elected as president. Native completely came out of education stream as there is a Punarphoo dosha (Slow down education) also raised in transit @ 14.08.2001, 06:30 AM. Hence confirmed.

11. During Oct’2001 he was elected as president of Mandal sarpanches

@15.10.2001 @6.30AM Sun’s, Mercury’s transit 11th position conferred the native the hike in politics. Hence confirmed.

12. During 1997 he learned stick fighting (apr-may). He learned it very fast (During Ketu Mahadasa and Jupiter Antardasa. Mars association to Lagna and Ketu. Hence confirmed)

13. During 1996 in village quarrels his father got injured on the hand when the family suffered a lot (During Diwali-November 12, 1996)-Pitru karaka Sun, Matru Karaka Moon and love karaka Venus debilitated on this day and Mars is looking at the debilitated Moon in Transit hence confirmed)

14. During 1997 native was in the spiritual path (It happened during Ketu MD and Jupiter AD. Hence confirmed)

15. During 1998 native learned yoga and TM meditation (It happened during Ketu MD and Jupiter AD. Hence confirmed)

(Both the above points can be easily seen in Drigdasa. Native is in Aquarius MD and Aries and Virgo AD with a connection towards Mars (Lagna lord in D-1) and Venus (who is posited in Aries along with mars). Hence doubly confirmed)

16. During summer 2006 father was elected as MPP. It was a clean victory. Native played a good role in the victory. Father was the right hand of an MLA. (May, June)

(Vaguely confirmed)

17. During 2013 mother was elected as MPP (July, Aug)


18. After 2001 native was elected as Sarpanch for 2 times. (Aug14, 2001)

Venus is the Atmakaraka and when the Venus MD and Venus AD entered the native got political power (Confirmed)

19. During 2013 his younger sister became Sarpanch (May, June) (Saturn is exalted. Third house lord during transit (Confirmed)

(Transit confirmed)

20. Local Sarpanchship was there in the family for 40 years

21. The native never did anything for the regular job but used to do contract works (Placement of Rahu and Saturn in the tenth house in D-1 confirms the same)

22. Taken a lot of debts however since 2018 he is doing real estate business where his earnings are good. Maximum debts are reduced. During the next 4 months, there is a lot of scope for earning money also. (@May3, 2018 the transit triggered the combination. Hence confirmed)

23. Father’s Details: DOB: 18.01.1957, TOB: 17:15 POB: xxxxx

Father’s Birth chart

Native’s Birth Chart

Transit when the native was born with reference to the father’s D-1

Saptamsa Correction:

Looking at D-7 we can see that Lagna is Taurus and even sign. Hence, we need to count anti-zodiacally the 5th house and 7th house for two children. Native told that he has two male children. 1st male child can be confirmed by Saturn’s placement in Scorpio (lord Mars= Male sign) while exalted Moon is aspecting at it. 2nd male child can be confirmed by the lord of the 7th house placement in Leo while Lord of Leo Sun aspecting Mars.

24. Elder son Details: DOB: 01.06.2015, TOB: 15:53 POB: xxxx

Native Horoscope

Native’s Elder Son’s horoscope

In D-7 Saturn’s placement is given here.

Saturn – PK          7 Sc 40′ 47.16″= So here Saturn is Mars Drekkana

The child was given by the combined effort of Saturn (Putra karaka in D-7), Exalted Moon and Mars (who is the lord of house where Saturn is posited)

Native gave birth to the Male child during Venus Maha Dasa (Taurus where exalted Moon is placed in 14 degrees) and Saturn Antar Dasa while Saturn is placed in Mars Drekkana. Hence confirmed. Even the transit Moon is looking at the birth child lord.

25. Younger son Details: DOB: 12.10.2018, TOB: 07:21 POB: xxxxx

If the lord of the sign is neither exalted/ debilitated, not conjoins any other planets, the sex of the child is seen from the nature of the sign occupied by it. The seventh house when we look anti-zodiacally in the Saptamsa is Scorpio and lord Mars is placed in Leo whose lord is male hence the birth of Male child can be predicted. Hence confirmed. Even in transit Mars @ time is placed in Leo in Mars Drekkana. Saturn being Putra karaka of that Lagna who is also posited in Scorpio as the occupant is aspecting the lord of the 7th house in D-7 hence through transit also can be confirmed.

 26. The marriage occurred on 20.02.2014, 3:38 AM, 16000 people came to the function

The marriage occurred during Venus Mahadasa and Saturn Antardasa.

Ven MD: 2000-02-22 (7:19:06) – 2020-02-22 (10:17:10)

Sat AD: 2012-12-24 (13:17:12) – 2016-02-22 (9:43:10)

Venus is the significator of marriage and hence there is no doubt marriage might have occurred during his Mahadasa. However, to see Saturn’s Antardasa we need to see Navamsa (D-9) where we can see that Saturn being the 7th house lord is sitting in the 2nd from Lagna aspecting the Venus while Upapada Lagna is at Libra.

The same combination can also be seen in’ D-1 also. Where UL is in Scorpio lagna Saturn is looking at Taurus (Lord: Venus). Hence confirmed.

27. Wife Details: DOB:12.02.1993, TOB: 20:45, POB: xxxx (We need not have this data for rectification)

28. Native is enjoying a good married life till date (Not required for birth time rectification)

29. During 1997 he purchased his first bicycle

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Ket MD: 1993-02-21 (12:11:18) – 2000-02-22 (7:19:06)

  Jup AD: 1997-02-09 (15:30:50) – 1998-01-17 (6:36:04) (Jupiter is in the 2nd house of D-16)

1997 @10.00AM Body D-1 D-16
BIRTH Lagna 3Sc05 19Vi26
BIRTH Sun 15Ta54 14Ar25
BIRTH Moon 19Cn14 7Aq42
BIRTH Mars 17Ar52 15Cp54
BIRTH Mercury 17Ta49 15Ta00
BIRTH Jupiter 11Cn35 5Li23
BIRTH Venus 22Ar46 4Ar18
BIRTH Saturn 13Le57 13Pi16
BIRTH Rahu 19Le32 12Ge37
BIRTH Ketu 19Aq32 12Ge37
JANUARY Body D-1 D-16
JANUARY Lagna 15Sc33 8Ar54
JANUARY Sun 9Ge34 3Ta06
JANUARY Moon 8Le38 18Sg08
JANUARY Mars 6Ta41 16Sc53
JANUARY Mercury 10Ge14 13Ta47
JANUARY Jupiter 25Cn56 24Ta55
JANUARY Venus 17Ta19 7Ta11
JANUARY Saturn 25Le03 10Vi55
JANUARY Rahu 11Vi41 6Ge58
JANUARY Ketu 3Pi44 29Cp44
FEBRUARY Body D-1 D-16
FEBRUARY Lagna 15Sc36 9Ar39
FEBRUARY Sun 9Ge38 4Ta04
FEBRUARY Moon 8Le49 21Sg01
FEBRUARY Mars 6Ta48 18Sc47
FEBRUARY Mercury 10Ge16 14Ta11
FEBRUARY Jupiter 25Cn58 25Ta28
FEBRUARY Venus 17Ta24 8Ta25
FEBRUARY Saturn 25Le05 11Vi26
FEBRUARY Rahu 11Vi51 9Ge42
FEBRUARY Ketu 3Pi48 0Aq56
MARCH Body D-1 D-16
MARCH Lagna 15Sc39 10Ar17
MARCH Sun 9Ge39 4Ta24
MARCH Moon 8Le57 23Sg10
MARCH Mars 6Ta55 20Sc32
MARCH Mercury 10Ge19 15Ta06
MARCH Jupiter 26Cn01 26Ta14
MARCH Venus 17Ta28 9Ta22
MARCH Saturn 25Le08 12Vi08
MARCH Rahu 12Vi01 12Ge14
MARCH Ketu 3Pi50 1Aq26
APRIL Body D-1 D-16
APRIL Lagna 15Sc40 10Ar46
APRIL Sun 9Ge41 4Ta58
APRIL Moon 9Le04 25Sg05
APRIL Mars 7Ta02 22Sc26
APRIL Mercury 10Ge25 16Ta34
APRIL Jupiter 26Cn02 26Ta39
APRIL Venus 17Ta33 10Ta43
APRIL Saturn 25Le10 12Vi38
APRIL Rahu 12Vi11 14Ge57
APRIL Ketu 3Pi53 2Aq01
MAY Body D-1 D-16
MAY Lagna 15Sc46 12Ar20
MAY Sun 9Ge43 5Ta23
MAY Moon 9Le10 26Sg39
MAY Mars 7Ta21 27Sc29
MAY Mercury 10Ge30 17Ta52
MAY Jupiter 26Cn05 27Ta16
MAY Venus 17Ta40 12Ta41
MAY Saturn 25Le14 13Vi46
MAY Rahu 12Vi25 18Ge42
MAY Ketu 3Pi54 2Aq32
JUNE Body D-1 D-16
JUNE Lagna 15Sc51 13Ar28
JUNE Sun 9Ge46 6Ta08
JUNE Moon 9Le16 28Sg11
JUNE Mars 7Ta53 6Sg07
JUNE Mercury 10Ge32 18Ta35
JUNE Jupiter 26Cn07 27Ta53
JUNE Venus 17Ta45 14Ta04
JUNE Saturn 25Le22 15Vi55
JUNE Rahu 12Vi35 21Ge23
JUNE Ketu 3Pi56 2Aq54
JULY Body D-1 D-16
JULY Lagna 15Sc52 13Ar55
JULY Sun 9Ge47 6Ta29
JULY Moon 9Le22 29Sg51
JULY Mars 8Ta09 10Sg24
JULY Mercury 10Ge35 19Ta26
JULY Jupiter 26Cn10 28Ta38
JULY Venus 17Ta50 15Ta13
JULY Saturn 25Le27 17Vi12
JULY Rahu 12Vi53 26Ge00
JULY Ketu 3Pi57 3Aq14
AUGUST Body D-1 D-16
AUGUST Lagna 15Sc55 14Ar42
AUGUST Sun 9Ge48 6Ta56
AUGUST Moon 9Le33 2Cp52
AUGUST Mars 8Ta24 14Sg29
AUGUST Mercury 10Ge40 20Ta37
AUGUST Jupiter 26Cn12 29Ta08
AUGUST Venus 17Ta52 15Ta56
AUGUST Saturn 25Le31 18Vi16
AUGUST Rahu 12Vi60 27Ge55
AUGUST Ketu 3Pi58 3Aq33
SEPTEMBER Lagna 15Sc57 15Ar05
SEPTEMBER Sun 9Ge51 7Ta29
SEPTEMBER Moon 9Le39 4Cp22
SEPTEMBER Mars 8Ta34 17Sg10
SEPTEMBER Mercury 10Ge44 21Ta48
SEPTEMBER Jupiter 26Cn15 29Ta57
SEPTEMBER Venus 18Ta01 18Ta15
SEPTEMBER Saturn 25Le44 21Vi38
SEPTEMBER Rahu 13Vi03 28Ge47
SEPTEMBER Ketu 4Pi03 4Aq56
OCTOBER Body D-1 D-16
OCTOBER Lagna 15Sc58 15Ar30
OCTOBER Sun 9Ge53 8Ta12
OCTOBER Moon 9Le47 6Cp36
OCTOBER Mars 8Ta39 18Sg19
OCTOBER Mercury 10Ge48 22Ta41
OCTOBER Jupiter 26Cn21 1Ge32
OCTOBER Venus 18Ta09 20Ta20
OCTOBER Saturn 25Le52 23Vi53
OCTOBER Rahu 13Vi07 29Ge55
OCTOBER Ketu 4Pi08 6Aq13
NOVEMBER Body D-1 D-16
NOVEMBER Lagna 16Sc00 16Ar01
NOVEMBER Sun 9Ge55 8Ta46
NOVEMBER Moon 9Le59 9Cp46
NOVEMBER Mars 8Ta51 21Sg34
NOVEMBER Mercury 10Ge49 23Ta08
NOVEMBER Jupiter 26Cn23 2Ge15
NOVEMBER Venus 18Ta17 22Ta28
NOVEMBER Saturn 26Le02 26Vi25
NOVEMBER Rahu 13Vi11 0Cn52
NOVEMBER Ketu 4Pi12 7Aq16
DECEMBER Body D-1 D-16
DECEMBER Lagna 16Sc06 17Ar44
DECEMBER Sun 9Ge57 9Ta11
DECEMBER Moon 10Le13 13Cp22
DECEMBER Mars 9Ta01 24Sg15
DECEMBER Mercury 10Ge51 23Ta32
DECEMBER Jupiter 26Cn26 2Ge59
DECEMBER Venus 18Ta24 24Ta32
DECEMBER Saturn 26Le06 27Vi33
DECEMBER Rahu 13Vi16 2Cn14
DECEMBER Ketu 4Pi15 7Aq58

Influencing planet conjoining progress planet within a degree during Apr-May 1997. Hence confirmed. After confirming when I asked later he told that he purchased it during the same time only.

As it is confirmed the range of rectification is between +3minutes or -5.26minutes.

30. In 2004 January he purchased the first motorbike (Pulsar)

There are 2 combinations that triggered the event.

BIRTH D-1 D-16
 Lagna 3Sc05 19Vi26
Sun 15Ta54 14Ar25
Moon 19Cn14 7Aq42
Mars 17Ar52 15Cp54
Mercury 17Ta49 15Ta00
Jupiter 11Cn35 5Li23
Venus 22Ar46 4Ar18
Saturn 13Le57 13Pi16
Rahu 19Le32 12Ge37
Ketu 19Aq32 12Ge37
Lagna 20Sc39 0Cn23
Sun 14Ge14 17Cn50
Moon 15Le43 11Ar29
Mars 17Ta06 3Ta35
Mercury 15Ge04 1Le01
Jupiter 1Le26 22Le52
Venus 28Ta15 1Sc58
Saturn 9Vi23 0Ta11
Rahu 20Vi27 27Li05
Ketu 8Pi27 15Ar11

Progression cast @15.01.2004, 12:00 PM

The 2 combinations are as follows:

  1. D-16: Planet who is working in the 4th house in D-1 (Ketu-Lagna lord) conjoined exalted Sun through progression in the 8th house of unexpected gains in D-16 within 1 degree.
  2. D-1: Lagna lord Mars through progression conjoins 11th house lord Mercury within a degree in Taurus both aspecting Lagna.

There is no fourth house lord connection either in D-1 or D-16 hence significance can be taken only as a gain, not as ownership. Later on, this was confirmed by the native as he purchased bike in a friend’s name.

31. His Kula Devatha is “Simhadri Appanna Swamy”, Simhachalam


Body Longitude (in D-20) Nakshatra Pada Rasi
Lagna 1 Aq 47′ 08.16″ Dhan 3 Aq
Sun – PiK 18 Li 01′ 43.35″ Swat 4 Li
Moon – BK 24 Ar 37′ 09.75″ Bhar 4 Ar
Mars – AK 27 Pi 22′ 04.28″ Reva 4 Pi
Mercury – AmK 26 Sc 15′ 07.85″ Jye 3 Sc
Jupiter – MK/PK 21 Sc 43′ 22.09″ Jye 2 Sc
Venus – DK 5 Cn 22′ 03.97″ Push 1 Cn
Saturn – GK 9 Vi 05′ 06.17″ UPha 4 Vi
Rahu 0 Cp 46′ 46.76″ USha 2 Cp
Ketu 0 Cp 46′ 46.76″ USha 2 Cp


Second house of D-20 clearly shows the presence of Mars @27 Pi 22′ 04.28″ in the second house who is Atmakaraka in the house whose lord is Jupiter and Jupiter is in Scorpio whose lord is Mars. Hence, there is a Parivarthana yoga. This native’s nature is guided by Kuladevatha Narasimha Swamy (Occupant Mars) and mind is controlled by “Bhairavi” (A devata Shakthi. Jupiter is controlled by “Varahi” (A devata Shakthi)




DAYA 1o -30’ DAYA 1o -30’
MEDHA 3o -00’ MEDHA 3o -00’
MATANGI 9o -00’ MATANGI 9o -00’
BALA 10o -30’ BALA 10o -30’
BHAWANI 12o -00’ BHAWANI 12o -00’
ARUNA 13o -30’ ARUNA 13o -30’
ANALA 15o -00’ ANALA 15o -00’
PINGALA 16o -30’ PINGALA 16o -30’
GHORA 19o -30’ GHORA 19o -30’
VARAHI 21o -00’ VARAHI 21o -00’
VAISHNAVI 22o -30’ VAISHNAVI 22o -30’
SITA 24o -00’ SITA 24o -00’
BHAIRVI 27o -00’ BHAIRVI 27o -00’
MANGLA 28o -30’ MANGLA 28o -30’
APRAJITA 30o -00’ APRAJITA 30o -00’


Hence confirmed. So birth chart rectification came to the close of -24seconds (From D-20) to + 5.26minutes (From D-16).

32. His strength is indomitable intelligence (Signified by exalted Mercury in Lagna)

33. His weakness is he doesn’t remember anything, don’t like to work (Signified by Mercury’s placement in bhava chart)

34. If anything is an emergency, then he will wage a war for getting the work done (Signified by Mars presence along with Moon- mind)

As the D-24 Jupiter is posited in the 8th house the native got learning of Astrology. However, as always he could not able to learn it due to Jupiter is showing significance of the 12th of its place in Bhava chart. Even Mercury is showing the same phenomena that can be seen when we compare Siddhamsa and its Bhava Chart. Mercury’s position signify that he will pursue spiritual pursuits throughout his life.

35. Since 1998 he is doing meditation

Ketu’s presence in the 4th house of D-1 might have triggered the event.

Drigdasa (Religious and spiritual activities):

 Aq MD: 1994-05-31 (13:49:29) – 2002-05-31 (15:04:06)

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Le: 1994-05-31 (13:49:29) – 1995-01-30 (7:08:53)

  Cp: 1995-01-30 (7:08:53) – 1995-10-03 (14:39:40)

  Ge: 1995-10-03 (14:39:40) – 1996-05-31 (1:58:57)

  Sc: 1996-05-31 (1:58:57) – 1997-01-29 (19:31:17)

  Ar: 1997-01-29 (19:31:17) – 1997-10-03 (2:58:05)

  Vi: 1997-10-03 (2:58:05) – 1998-05-31 (14:11:45)

  Aq: 1998-05-31 (14:11:45) – 1999-01-30 (7:58:27)

  Cn: 1999-01-30 (7:58:27) – 1999-10-03 (15:18:05)

  Sg: 1999-10-03 (15:18:05) – 2000-05-31 (2:39:12)

  Ta: 2000-05-31 (2:39:12) – 2001-01-29 (20:09:44)

  Li: 2001-01-29 (20:09:44) – 2001-10-03 (3:29:33)

  Pi: 2001-10-03 (3:29:33) – 2002-05-31 (15:04:06)

D-24 Ketu during the above highlighted time is aspecting Taurus and the lord of Taurus is placed in Aquarius. Hence confirmed.

Body Longitude (in D-24) Nakshatra Pada Rasi
Lagna 14 Vi 08′ 33.79″ Hast 2 Vi
Sun – AK 21 Cn 38′ 04.02″ Asre 2 Cn
Moon – BK/MK 11 Li 32′ 35.71″ Swat 2 Li
Mars – PiK 8 Li 50′ 29.13″ Swat 1 Li
Mercury – AmK/PK 7 Vi 30′ 09.42″ UPha 4 Vi
Jupiter 8 Ar 04′ 02.51″ Aswi 3 Ar
Venus – GK 6 Aq 26′ 28.76″ Dhan 4 Aq
Saturn – DK 4 Cn 54′ 07.41″ Push 1 Cn
Rahu 18 Sc 56′ 08.11″ Jye 1 Sc
Ketu 18 Sc 56′ 08.11″ Jye 1 Sc

 Ketu in D-24 is controlled by Lord “Govinda” as Ketu is in 18 Sc 56′ 08.11″.

So birth chart rectification came to the close of -24seconds (From D-20) to + 2.57 minutes (From D-24)

Rectifying Nakshatramsa D-27

Nakshatramsa informs strengths and weaknesses of the native. Native’s D27 @31.05.1979, 17:25

Body Longitude (in D-27) Nakshatra Pada Rasi
Lagna 23 Pi 24′ 38.01″ Reva 3 Pi
Sun – PiK/PK 9 Vi 20′ 19.52″ UPha 4 Vi
Moon 9 Ge 14′ 10.17″ Ardr 1 Ge
Mars – BK/GK 2 Le 26′ 47.77″ Magh 1 Le
Mercury – DK 0 Sc 56′ 25.60″ Visa 4 Sc
Jupiter – MK 12 Sc 49′ 32.82″ Anu 3 Sc
Venus – AmK 14 Sg 44′ 47.36″ PSha 1 Sg
Saturn – AK 16 Ar 45′ 53.33″ Bhar 2 Ar
Rahu 17 Vi 33′ 09.12″ Hast 3 Vi
Ketu 17 Pi 33′ 09.12″ Reva 1 Pi

Lagna lord Jupiter, natives lord Mars, Sun and Rahu aspecting Lagna, Ketu occupying Lagna which are actually signifying the native’s qualities such as Spirituality, Aggression, Political power, etc., I am confirming this chart particularly because Lagna lord occupying Scorpio (Owner: Mars) and aspected by Mars who is looking Lagna lord as well as Lagna.

Hence, confirming the same time.

So birth chart rectification came to the close of -24seconds (From D-20) to + 1.05 minutes (From D-27)

Rectification of Trimsamsa (D-30)

Chart cast @31.05.1979, 17:25:00

Native children are very good signified by Jupiter’s placement in the 5th house. Lagna & 6th lord position in the 2nd house signifies that the growth of the native is stagnant that is true. Sun’s, Moon’s placement in the 11th house signify the parents, Mercury’s debilitation show that the native’s intelligence will be overshadowed by his aggressiveness, that is also signified by Mars’s aspect over the debilitated planet. Chart confirmed.

So birth chart rectification came to the close of -24seconds (From D-20) to + 1.05 minutes (From D-27)

Rectification of Khavedamsa (D-40)

Body Longitude (in D-40) Nakshatra Pada Rasi
Lagna 3 Aq 34′ 16.31″ Dhan 4 Aq
Sun – DK 6 Cn 03′ 26.70″ Push 1 Cn
Moon – BK 19 Sc 14′ 19.51″ Jye 1 Sc
Mars – AK 24 Pi 44′ 08.55″ Reva 3 Pi
Mercury – AmK 22 Vi 30′ 15.70″ Hast 4 Vi
Jupiter – PiK 13 Cp 26′ 44.18″ Srav 2 Cp
Venus – GK 10 Li 44′ 07.94″ Swat 2 Li
Saturn – MK/PK 18 Li 10′ 12.35″ Swat 4 Li
Rahu 1 Ge 33′ 33.51″ Mrig 3 Ge
Ketu 1 Ge 33′ 33.51″ Mrig 3 Ge

D-40 shows all maternal legacy. Grand Mother gave her milk to the native. Lagna lord Saturn is exalted and with the 4th house lord i.e., Venus. So a direct correlation can be established. Lagna lord is in the 9th house hence it is yoga karaka. Venus also became yoga karaka due to the ownership of the 4th and 9th houses. Apart from this Saturn in this Varga chakra is a Matru Karaka. Hence perfectly confirmed.

So birth chart rectification came to the close of -24seconds (From D-20) to + 1.05 minutes (From D-27)

Rectification of Akshavedamsa (D-45)

D-45 shows all paternal legacy. Father is younger than all. Elder to father is mother-in-law (76). Two elder brothers to his father. 1st elder brother died of accident (Apr-May 1991). Another elder brother is still living who is above 80. Grandfather died @80+ due to cardiac arrest. Grand Mother died in 1994. She has knee pains and ulcers.

Father got political power due to the parivarthana yoga between Sun and Moon and native. For the want of certain other details, all the data given is not valid to rectify D-45. Hence possibly I have confirmed only the father’s main profession only.

So birth chart rectification came to the close of -24seconds (From D-20) to + 1.05 minutes (From D-27)

Final rectification of Seconds:

Lagna progressed 95.37940625% of the Visakha-4 Nakshatra pada. So, out of pada Lagna progressed 0.953794063%. So when correcting 0.888 (Taken from given birth time) will become 0.954.

Given birth time= 30.2162 Janma ghatis

Corrected birth time= 30.216475 Janma ghatis

Janma Ghatis 30.216475
Converted to Vighatis 1812.9885
Multiplied by 4 7251.954
Reminder after Divided by 9 6.954

Hence corrected birth time=

Date: 31.05.1979, 17:25: 0.5714th part of a second



(I predict with my limited intelligence and from the knowledge that I learned. Please remember that no astrologer is 100% correct or 100% wrong)


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