Comparison between astrology & Science?


Astrology is time tested and existing from time immemorial. Science is just a few thousand years old. Astrology might be the most developed form of science which may not be perceived for present day scientists.

Comparison Astrology Science
Introduction According to scriptures available, wisdom of astrology came from Brahma to Narada, Narada to Shaunaka and other sages and Shaunaka to Parasara through the word of mouth. Documented by Sage Parashara (Father of Great Sage Veda Vyasa) for Kaluyuga needs through a Manuscript called “Bruhat Parasara Hora Sastra”.

Hence, the time of astrology has two periods 1. Pre-parasara era (when astrology was taught through the mouth of a guru) 2. Post-parasara era (After Parasara documented “Bruhat Parasara Hora Sastra”).

Cycle of Satya yuga, Treta yuga, Dwapara yuga & kali yuga consist of 1728000, 1296000, 864000 and 432000 years each respectively. Astrology is known to exist during all these yugas.

Science is a systematic study of the structure and behaviour of physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Science has two periods

1. Ancient Science (Starting from any useful physical discovery of mankind by proto-humans for living. For ex. Making Fire by rubbing stones) to pre-hippocrates era.

2. Modern Science begin in between 460-375 BC starting from Hippocrates and Aristotle.

Limitations Astrology explains how physical things effect mankind through non-physical media. Astrological principles are time tested but fails to stick to the scientific principles because science believe anything through observation and experiment. For observation & experiment the time taken for journey of science is limited. Science always speaks about what we can perceive through our sensory organs i.e., Physical things. However, our universe consists of only 1% physical and rest 99% non-physical. So may be after some lakhs of years Science may approve or reject astrology based on its principles.
Survival of subject Astrology survive on vedic scriptures and astrologer’s abilities to apply them Science survives on making useful things to the mankind for their living
Literature Bruhat Parasara Hora Sastra, Gowthama Samhita, Jaimini Sutra are authenticated books on astrology There are many research papers, books written by different scientists on countless subjects.
Purpose The true purpose of astrology is to guide one about doing karma through the cycles of birth and death in order to help one to liberate his soul free from birth-death cycle. The purpose of science is to make a physical body to be in a “feel comfortable” way during one’s physical existence.
Uses Astrology can be used, in guiding one to struggle through all the future challenges in life. Science has limited solutions to various problems in day to day life using physical things.
Remedies Doing karma for liberation of soul from birth and death cycle is the basic purpose of astrology. All the remedies will work only towards accomplishing this aim. Science has limitations in curing your physical & mental problems.
Summary & Conclusion If you believe in Supreme power (in other words Paramatma), cycle of birth-death, karma, physical and non-physical things control your body, remedies modify/nullify your karmic debt and of course the ability of the astrologer then you may have a consultation with a learned and experienced astrologer. Science has given invaluable guidance to the mankind in one’s physical being. It has nothing to do with non-physical things.