How do you identify fake astrologers?


Genuine Astrologers

  1. will never ask for any details other than your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. If they are taking consultation through online, they might ask your gender. If they are astro-palmists, they might ask for an image of your both palms and that’s it.
  2. They must be able to predict your past.
  3. They will be very gentle, polite and not very keen to carve for more money other than their consultation.
  4. If your horoscope shows really bad signs they will gently warn you and also suggest remedial measures that will not definitely generate additional revenue to them. (Like selling birth stones etc.)
  5. They accept their limitations of predictions and reveal their limitations during consultation.
  6. If they want any additional information to assist their prediction they will genuinely tell what their prediction is and ask you for confirmation to reduce their time used for further predictions.
  7. There is nothing wrong in using a software for casting a chart of client but analysis of the chart must be manual.
  8. A genuine astrologer will also provide how he arrived at such conclusion and he should not have any problems in explaining the things.
  9. More experienced the astrologer is the best he will be. For any good astrologer a minimum experience of 10 years is desirable.
  10. A good astrologer will have a great intuition and for that he requires god’s blessings. If you know a little bit astrology you can watch those blessings directly by examining the 8th house in D-24 (Siddhamsa) chart.
  11. Of course, a good astrologer will let you examine his birth details if a client wishes to examine.
  12. Best astrologers will always combine the natal, divisional charts, different dasa charts, vargas, state of planets, aspects of planets, transits etc., to give predictions and while explaining he will clearly explain what are the things he combined to arrive at a conclusion. In case of astro-palmists they even will match the lines in hand to the above predictions.
  13. Genuine astrologers will never have any ego of their predictions and they will accept their mistakes in predictions and will clearly explain later on why the mistake happened and always be ready to correct themselves.
  14. He will have really a great moral, ethical values and he understands that the clients’ information and predictions are sensitive that can’t be shared with others.
  15. Just like in any other subject, application of knowledge is important in astrology rather than having a huge knowledge without being applied.