Why predictions go wrong?


Reasons behind this can be from the astrologer’s side (99%) as well as the clients’ side (1%).

Astrologer’s side mistakes:

  1. 99% astrologer’s cheat their clients in the name of astrology
  2. Among them some learn astrology in a superficial way and start making predictions
  3. Among those superficial learners some will only threaten their clients by informing them only bad things in a really scary way to make more money
  4. Among the 1% learned astrologers, mistakes happen due to analyzing too many charts in a single day with poor concentration and not following the ethical values for making more money

Client side mistakes:

  1. Providing incorrect Birth details: Most of the clients give correct date but not time. Time should always be correct atleast up to minutes. In south India people will not count a day unless sun raises hence if a client is born on 05.01.1990 @2.30AM (In universal calendar) they will give birth details as 04.01.1990 night 2:30AM. This method leads to some confusion for astrologers so better to follow the universal clock with a day change at 12.00AM not waiting for sun to raise just to avoid confusion.
  2. Sometimes astrologers can’t give assertive assumptions and clients attributes the inability of the astrologers to astrology.
  3. Some clients require birth time rectification when the time is not known correctly then they are supposed to provide many past details like DOB, Job joining date, Business starting date, Marriage, Birth details of children, Love Affairs, Breakups, Job lost date, Business closing date, Change of Job/ Business date, Major health problems, Major personal and professional achievements etc., But many clients are shy of providing such details.